Globitex price today, GBX to USD live, marketcap and chart

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February 14, 2022
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Globitex price today, GBX to USD live, marketcap and chart

Globitex team is building next generation financial infrastructure for the digital asset world. With Globitex you can do it all from converting digital assets into fiat currency to sending fiat directly to another exchange for arbitrage as well as making fiat payments to your suppliers or employees. On top of that, all of these functions are available for integration What is Globitex Token into your business flow via API, making this the ultimate infrastructure for your digital asset business. The Globitex platform will use the GBX token and the token sale to scale the already existing Globitex exchange infrastructure. With necessary industrial trading level, the exchange has the needed capacity to accommodate commodities listing and money markets.

Today, you can trade bitcoin core and bitcoin cash against euros on the Globitex exchange. The token the sale of Globitex will sponsor the scaling of its present exchange infrastructure. The cryptocurrency proceeds collected shall enable the team to reach new Bitcoin markets, such as global money markets, commodities and derivatives. Globitex will introduce a cryptocurrency exchange allowing everyone to trade commodities and money market instruments for cryptocurrencies. The existing institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange, with unrivalled API capabilities will scale into a global spot and derivatives trading venue.

Globitex Token

Before launching this crypto project, the team had already worked in the landscape of asset management for many years. The GBX token will work on the Ethereum blockchain technology similar to NAGA, Worldcore, DreamTeam, ILCOIN, BitAir, Synapse, Indicoin. The main purpose of these tokens and its respective platform will be to pay trading fees and incentivize liquidity providers and market makers. By Q4 of the same year, the exchange announced its public ICO and launched the Bitcoin Cash trading, deposits, and withdrawals. Globitex plans to open Public launch of Globitex services in the first quarter of 2018 followed by the token sale and launch of additional cryptocurrency trading pairs.

Mainly, the GBX contract shall be utilized for trades settlement on the Globitex exchange, working as a commission payment token. The GBX Token shall also work within loyalty programs intended for Globitex contributors and clients, where contributors shall be taking part in the general success of the firm. Globitex presents a Bitcoin exchange with unmatched API capabilities for direct access to the market.

Deposits are free of charge if funding your account with Euros via the SEPA gateway. They are also free when depositing by cryptocurrency, other than the miner’s fee itself. You will only be charged a deposit fee if you transfer funds via a non-SEPA transfer, which amounts to €10.

The Euro Wallet is also beneficial for those involved in a crypto-related business venture. For example, the likes of crypto startups or miners – who often deal with significant quantities of cryptocurrency at any given time, will often find it difficult transferring operating reserves into fiat money. By instead using the Euro Wallet, much of these regulatory barriers are reduced. is in no way responsible for any claims, losses or expenses that may result by following our advice. By using this website you agree with the limitations and exclusions of liability set out in this disclaimer. Being an institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange, Globitex comes with unmatched API capabilities that will seamlessly scale into a derivations and spot trading venue for the whole world. Furthermore, this crypto exchange will allow the producers to buy all the listed products for Bitcoins. The platform will also enable the speculators and trading firms to use derivatives trading to hedge the risks in Bitcoins.

It is also worth noting that the Euro Wallet allows traders to use the Euro Wallet as a means to transfer funds from an external exchange. While this would typically take 1-2 working days, the Euro Wallet permits virtually instant transfers. This token shall be provided as an EIP-20, (earlier referred to as ERC-20) conforming Ethereum smart contract.

  • Digital currency exchanges are increasing at an alarming rate all over the world.
  • If these developments happen as scheduled, Bitcoin is sure to emerge among the most liquid cryptocoins of all time.
  • The GBX utility token shall appear as an EIP-20 (earlier referred to as ERC-20) conforming smart contract on the platform for Ethereum.
  • Put simply, Globitex is one of the sturdiest Bitcoin exchange platforms which is creating an impactful transformation by enabling institutional-grade Bitcoin trading.

An overview showing the statistics of Globitex Token, such as the base and quote currency, the rank, and trading volume. Alternatively, the platform also has a strong presence on social media, which is always a good sign. What this means for you as a client of the exchange is that you must engage in a KYC process prior to using the platform.

All About Globitex Token

The aim of this listing is to simplify and make more accessible the Globitex token GBX for customers who wish to purchase it for covering our service fees with substantial discounts. If the Globitex crypto exchange has been successfully established, the market of Bitcoins will evolve at a fast pace. If these developments happen as scheduled, Bitcoin is sure to emerge among the most liquid cryptocoins of all time. Here we will analyze the ICO tokens of Globitex and how they will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world, especially Bitcoins. Now, you may think that the market of crypto exchanges is already quite saturated, so what makes Globitex so special?

The chairman of the exchange is Jon Matonis, Liza Aizupiete, managing director, and Arvis Ermis, director, and head of compliance at the exchange. Other team members are Maris Kaneps, director, and head of IT, Uldis Teraudkalns chairman of the supervisory board in addition to board members and other team members. This crypto exchange along with its token seems to be a well-rounded project having a lot of promise. With this crypto project and its ICO campaign, it will not be long when cryptocurrencies and tokenization will find real-world applications. Interestingly, Globitex has managed to legalize cryptocoins as a strong medium for making payments. This license, helps the platform manage multiple payment services within the EU.

The best thing is that this exchange is already running, so you are free to trade on it. By the look of things, the exchange has a clean, professional, neat appearance—and that is what is the opposite of the look and feel of other crypto exchanges. In a way, this platform is a completely institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange. On top of being in possession of the required license to service the European markets, we think that the stand-out feature of the Globitex platform is its Euro Wallet. Never before has it been so convenient and cost-effective to deposit and withdraw fiat currency into and out of a cryptocurrency exchange.

The bonus structure will correlate with the growth and success of the company. All trading is currently free of charge, and typical exchange fee is 0.2% per trade. When Globitex enables trading fees, it is expected to be in line with typical exchange fee levels as per market maker/taker model. Invemo is an asset manager, broker, and liquidity provider in the digital asset market that targets professional and institutional clients. In order to meet the demand of professional and institutional investors, it has developed a low risk fixed…

Globitex Price Live Data

In a nutshell, the Euro Wallet allows users to deposit and withdraw Euros in a super convenient manner. Moreover, the trading platform includes a number of chart analysis tools for the more advanced trader, and charts have been incorporated from the hugely popular Tradingview platform. OrbitGTM Review These days, people are scrambling to find good brokers like the OrbitGTM trading platform to jump into the financial market… Use the calculator to convert real-time prices between all available cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Cryptocurrencies have a key strength—their borderless and decentralized nature. Globitex has maximized this specific feature by developing an exchange for all the commodities that are based on Bitcoins and other cryptocoins. In fact, the chief goal for this crypto exchange is to let traders and investors trade Bitcoins for any real-world commodities—anything including corn, oil, silver, and gold. Just imagine how amazing and convenient it would be if you are allowed to swap your BTC coins for actual gold. You will need to pay a €500 account opening fee, plus a €100 monthly maintenance fee. For incoming and outgoing payments, the fees stand at 0.02% and 0.05%, respectively.

Globitex Token

Digital currency exchanges are increasing at an alarming rate all over the world. Globitex is a new company introducing the lasted digital currency exchange in the blockchain and the cryptocurrency world. The Globitex exchange is one exchange that will allow everyone to trade money and commodities for Bitcoin. With unrivaled API capabilities, the institutional grade Bitcoin exchange will derivate trading venues and scale into a global spot. The aim of the exchange is it allows producers to purchase enhance listed goods and trading firms and Bitcoin and help speculators to hedge their risks in Bitcoin. According to the project’s white paper, this exchange was developed by a team of traders who have the vision and experience of dealing with Bitcoins.

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This crypto exchange plays on some elements that no other exchange in the competition has thought of and this is how Globitex is planning to shake up the Bitcoin and exchange world. As a relatively new exchange platform, Globitex has a number of plans lined up for 2019 and beyond. As per the platform’s roadmap, Globitex aims to continue adding new trading pairs to its portfolio. As such, this gives the exchange the remit to offer its fiat-to-crypto services within the European Union. This regulatory oversight ensures that Globitex must remain fully compliant with all respective anti-money laundering regulations.

New trading pair on Globitex – Globitex Token/EUR

Founded in 2015, Globitex is a third-party cryptocurrency exchange that is backed by institutional-grade technology. While the platform is perfectly suitable for everyday retail clients, the overarching target market is professional traders that need to take things to the next level. The objective of Globitex is to enable Bitcoin cost stability by facilitating its use as a commodities direct currency of settlement, money markets as well as other financial tools. In the end, this would enable traders to set costs for products in Bitcoin, utilizing it as a currency for reference.

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